Review of ASTONA ONLINE – 11 to 24 July, 2021

For the first time in 34 years, Astona International took place ONLINE!



33 young talents from 14 countries were accepted and taught intensively by 6 internationally-renowned musicians via ZOOM. Both teachers and students were spread over 11 countries. Thanks to a demanding and varied programme, the course was a complete success for both students and professors, proving that it is possible to achieve high musical, pedagogical and social goals in online teaching. The students were able to demonstrate their skills at internal house concerts (streamed) and at two publicly-streamed concerts. "The Challenge", a creative, voluntary competition among the participants, added a special touch and generated motivation. Daily overall contacts and regular evening get togethers ensured that the sense of togetherness which is typical of Astona existed again this year. Thanks go out to all participants as well as to Apoint Film GmbH/streaming-solutions in Steinhausen/Zug for their excellent support in creating and managing the technical platform.



Here are the streaming concerts

Saturday, July 17, 20 - 21.15h

Pre recorded videos of 8 young talents aged 13 to 24 who have been selected for this streaming concert. They played solo pieces or pieces with piano

Gala Concert: Saturday, July 24 - 20 - 21.25

The highlight of Astona! Pre recorded videos of 7 young talents aged 12 to 22 have been selected to perform solo pieces or pieces with piano. Including the celebration of  the "Challenge"-Competition prize winner Torje Råbu, Norway (after 60 minutes).

Concert Program

Program Astona Public Concert July 17.pd
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Feedbacks from some of our students

Thank you so much for a very inspiring course. I am so impressed by what you managed to arrange online. The challenge was particularly inspiring, as it got me to initiate also to play for a real audience during the course.  Violinist (male, 15), Norway 



Astona definitely exceeded my expectations. I've attended quite a few online courses during the last year but in none have I seen the concepts brought forth by you. The seminars, house concerts, and last but not least the "hour with Raphael". A really positive outcome of all these gatherings was, aside from learning a lot, that it felt like I was really communicating with everyone else and not staring at a screen. I feel that I’ve gotten to know everyone at the course a bit and I can’t wait to come another time and get to know them for real!

Violonist (female, 14), Sweden



I am so infinitely grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in Astona and very thankful for all the effort that you and your team put into making Astona online possible and so successful I had a really great time and learned so much more than I expected. I believe Astona has had a big impact on me as a musician. 
Cellist (female, 16), Iceland



I would like to express my gratitude to you for your incredible work these past two weeks. I appreciate how much work must have gone on for many months to enable Astona 2021 to commence. It is incredible that such an operation went so smoothly, there must have been so much organising in the background! The standard of Astona is incredible, which makes me aspire to play flawlessly.This course has inspired me massively and furthered my understanding and confidence in cello. Cellist (male, 16), England



Thank you so much for a wonderful Astona 2021! I had an amazing time! It was really inspiring, and I learned a lot. I’m really thankful that I got to be a part of Astona. Violinist (female, 15), Norway



I would like to thank you and everyone who has collaborate with you for this experience in Astona.  Before these two weeks I could never think that an online course could be so rich and complete, and I mean of course the amount of lessons, the seminars and the hours with Raphael, (a kind of debate that I had never done before in a group), not only “The challenge”, even if it took me a lot of time.

Cellist (male, 21), Italy

Concert Program

Astona Gala Concert July 24- Program.pdf
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Concert Review in Zug Newspaper, July 26

Concert Review Zuger Zeitung
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