Arrival and Departure

What to bring

Arrival day:  SaturdAy, July 20, 2024 (afternoon)

Latest arrival at the Zentrum Sonnenberg: 16:45 h

General assembly: 18:00 h

Round trip transportation for students from home to Switzerland cannot be organised by Astona.


Train transfer from Zurich airport

Sonnenberg can easily reached by public transport.

There are train connections three times an hour between the airport and Baar, with change at Zurich Main Station or Thalwil (0:06, 0:15, 0:36, travel time: 43 to 46 mins). From Baar station it's a 5-minute walk to Sonnenberg.


Due to low demand, Astona no longer offers a shuttle service from the airport. 


Meals at arriving day

On arrival day, students are responsible for their own lunches.  The first meal at Astona is dinner on July 20 at 18:30 at Sonnenberg.


Departure day:  Sunday, August 4, 2024 (morning)

Departures are undertaken individually or by organised bus transfer to the Zurich airport (details and info during the course).


- All of the information you have received from Astona!

- Clothing for warm and cold weather

- Washables for 14 days (a laundry service will be provided at a      fee of CHF 9.00 per kilogram)

- Personal hygiene articles and medication

- Sports shoes and sportswear

- Concert clothes: dressy for solo performances, black for

  orchestra (long skirts or pants for female members of the
  orchestra, white shirts for males)

- Music stand, extra strings, rosin, mute, floor protection
  (obligatory for cellists), metronome

- Piano accompaniments (do not send these to the director)

- Some pocket money

Health insurance / Diet / Allergies

Students are responsible for their own medical bills. It is advisable that they be insured for illness, accident and liability  and bring their identity card from the insurance company. Doctors, dentists and hospitals are readily available in the area of Zug. Vegetarian diets are always provided. Special dietary needs, such as allergies to gluten or lactose, can be accommodated by the Sonnenberg kitchen. 

House Rules

Coexistence for a period of two weeks in a multicultural and international community requires the willingness of everyone to observe the necessary rules and regulations and to adopt an attitude of mutual respect, concern and tolerance. The regulations for our communal living are set down in the House Rules. 

Hause Rules 2024
Astona House Rules 2024.pdf
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Course Content

Astona aims to bring talented students from all over the world together and to work with them on the highest level with tutors of international renown. The Course content describe what Astona offers as well as the rules for the curriculum. 

House Concerts rules

Participants must register two fully-prepared concert pieces. The rules are described on the registration form. The form must be returned by latest July 1st. 

Course Content 2024
Astona-Course Content 2024.pdf
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Registration Form 2024 House Concerts
Registration Form House Concerts 2024.pd
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