Our principal sponsor

Capital Dynamics (www.capitaldynamics.com), an independent, global asset manager based in Zug, Switzerland, has supported Astona International since 2011.


Capital Dynamics commented: «At Capital Dynamics, conviction, performance and tenacity are our core values – we believe that by having these values, we can grow both individually and together as a firm. Which is why when we initiated our sponsorship program, we were determined to find talented individuals who share these values – leading us to Astona International!»


Since 2011, Capital Dynamics has given several highly-talented young musicians the chance to attend Astona’s international summer academy through scholarships and general financial support. “We are thankful for the opportunity to help such exceptionally talented young musicians turn their passion of music into a profession”, added Capital Dynamics.

Lyra Foundation

The Lyra Foundation (www.lyra.ch), created in 1995 by private banker Dr. Hans Vontobel, supports young, highly-gifted musicians through individual scholarships and donations for participating in master classes and in our Summer Music Academy Astona International.


Even before that, in 1987, Vontobel was intrigued by Nancy Chumachenco's idea to establish and develop an international summer music academy in Switzerland for talented students.  From the very beginning he was Astona's sole patron, a dedication and commitment which lasted 30 years until his death in January 2016.


The Lyra Foundation continued to support Astona by financing scholarships.

Our private sponsor and Donator

Dr. Hans-Peter Wild

The Swiss entrepreneur Dr. Hans-Peter Wild has expressed his interest and willingness to support our work for several years.


Hans-Peter Wild of WILD Flavors Ltd., one of world's biggest producers of flavors and other components of the food industry, sold the company to the American concern ADM in 2014.  He remains the sole owner of the brand Capri-Sun.  Along with his business activities, he has always been engaged in supporting issues of value and importance to the general public.  He promotes a wide range of scientific, social and cultural projects.


"I am happy to support the education of young, talented musicians. Courses for these young talents and their amazing concerts are a wonderful opportunity for students and an enrichment for society in general."  In business as in the Astona Summer Music Academy, hard work and fun belong together.  "One works very hard and enjoys the success!", says the patron and philanthropist, a resident for nearly three decades in Zug.   

Kurt und Silvia Huser-Oesch Stiftung

Annemarie und Eugen Hotz-Stiftung