Daily  schedule

The curriculum is comprised of four elements: 

  • Individual Study and Practice
  • Chamber Music
  • Orchestra
  • Performance

All students are involved in all aspects of the curriculum.

  • 3 private lessons per week (not in open masterclasses)
  • daily chamber music coaching and chamber orchestra rehearsal
  • performance preparation with piano for the house concerts and possible public performances.

Every student performs once in a house concert with our professional concert partner at the piano. From the house concert performances, students are selected for Astona's public concerts.

Chamber music groups and the orchestra are organised by the directors in advance, and links to the parts assigned are sent out to each student approximately 6 weeks before Astona begins.

Practice time for all students is integrated into the daily schedule. 


Astona’s daily schedule is strenuous. Practice times and private lessons are integrated into the daily plan, chamber music takes place every day with coaching (ca. 2 hours), and the orchestra rehearses regularly (standard repertoire for string orchestra). Rehearsals for the house-concerts are arranged with the piano faculty and the student’s private teacher.

Breakfast begins at 7 a.m. and all students are expected to appear in the dining room.

There are two morning periods: 8:00 to 10:30 (individual practicing/private lessons) and 10:30 to 12:30 (chamber music). For a break, fruit, coffee, tea, and other beverages are provided for students and teachers.

Lunch is at 12:30.

There are two afternoon periods: 13:15 to 14:15  (individual practicing/private lessons) and 15:30/16:30 to 17:30/18:00 (Orchestra) 

The daily house concerts of the first week at 14:30 is a central feature of Astona’s program, and it is obligatory for all students and teachers to attend. 

The evening meal is at 18:30 followed by free time or activities as announced, and concerts in the second week.