Zentrum Sonnenberg, Baar

Astona International is held at the SONNENBERG school in the town of Baar, 4 km north of Zug, during the summertime when the school is not in session.


SONNENBERG is a private school accredited by the Canton of Zug. It provides special education for children and adolescents from the Canton of Zug as well as from other cantons who are entitled to special support due to physical impairments.


The modern as well as the renovated buildings, the garden and the sport fields provide a unique environment. Astona students live on campus with their counsellor, the faculty in an adjacent Hotel, and all take their meals together.


Experienced and responsible persons are on hand at all times to care for the practical and personal needs of the Astona students. The ample facilities provide students with single rooms and board as well as with rehearsal and teaching rooms in a pleasant atmosphere. Meals, prepared in the professional kitchen, are enjoyed by students and faculty in a large dining room. The surroundings provide students and teachers with opportunities to relax and enjoy just being together.




Landhausstrasse 20

6340 Baar



+41 41 767 75 33