Welcome to the Astona Summer Music Academy for highly-gifted string players and pianists!

July 12 to 25, 2020 - at the Lassalle-Haus Bad Schönbrunn, Edlibach above Zug, Switzerland

Astona is a two-week international Summer Music Academy, accompanying many students  on their path to a musical career and providing them 14 days with a free and protected space in which to work and grow and enjoy.


Founder (1988) and director:

Nancy Chumachenco


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Astona 2020


Final closing date for application:


March 15, 2020 

Astona - a video portrait (2019)

12 minutes

I'd heard only positive things about Astona before I came and now that I’ve been there myself, I can with 100% certainty say that they’re true. I’ve learnt a lot, some of the things that I expected to learn and some skills that I did not realise I would. Astona is certainly an experience that I’ll never forget.  I greatly appreciate all your hard work and that of your fellow teachers. Thank you for an amazing opportunity!


Student from Norway, 16,  Participant 2019



At the age of 15 to 17, I had the good fortune to attend Astona  International. I can attest to the fact that these years were the most formative in my musical education.


Philippe Jordan, born 1974, 

Astona participant 1990 - 1992,

Musica  Director: Paris Opéra

Principal Conductor: Vienna Symphony Orchestra



Astona International on the Swiss National News, July 21, 2018

After the intermission, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's octet for strings, followed by frenetic, well-deserved applaus and standing ovations.  Seldom does one encounter so much energy and enthusiasm as was audible and evident in all aspects of Astona." 


Zuger Zeitung 2019


Video Recordings of all our concerts 2019 can be watched on                          www.facebook.com/astona-international/videos