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You have the choice of the following financial contributions:

Friends of Astona

As a "Friend" of Astona, you have the possibility to make a small contribution towards the futures of excellent young music students. You will help Astona to continue to be a goal and an inspiration for these young people. We are grateful for every donation.

Friend (single person)                                                   from CHF 100

Pair (Partner or two family-members)                   from CHF 150

Businesses                                                                         from CHF 300

Donors                                                                                 from CHF 500


As a mentor, you assume the full tuition of CHF 2'100 for a student and enjoy the opportunity of a personal acquaintance through attending private instruction.  At the same time, you are supporting Astona as an institution. Conceivably, you might want to commit to an extended support of a student who will attend Astona regularly in the future.

Account information

Credit Suisse AG 8070 Zurich, Switzerland
Clearing-No. 4835 / BIC CRESCHZZ80A
Holder of account: Verein Astona, 6317 Oberwil, Switzerland
IBAN: CH06 0483 5142 1468 5000 0

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