• morning sign-in, roll call and greeting from Nancy  Chumachenco (9.00)
  • 6 private instrumental lessons in two weeks with the appointed teacher (between 9.30 and 13.00)
  • one class lesson (6 students and their teacher)
  • video/audio-access to all lessons of other students with other teachers
  • 4 Seminars on 4 themes with teachers present (obligatory attendance):  afternoons
  • video-meetings with student counsellor Raphaël
  • chatrooms
  • and more....

House Concerts: Student Performances online  (afternoons, obligatory attendance for all)  

2 public concerts (evening, streamed on Facebook)


"The Challenge"

Accepted participants at Astona Online 2021 will be invited to take part in "The Challenge", a special, new activity.  Participation is completely voluntary. 

The winner of The Challenge will be decided by a jury of our teachers towards the end of the course. 

The winner will be awarded a full-scholarship to Astona 2022.

Full details will follow in May.